Sarah-Janes Wedding

Hi All

Tis the Monday after another busy weekend of gigs.

This is a bit of a late post but I had a fab time at Sarah-Jane’s wedding at Trunkwell Manor House in June. Luckly it was perhaps the only day in June when it wasn’t raining! I performed mix and mingle magic before the wedding breakfast and then a routine for everyone when they were sitting down before the food came out.

Thanks to everyone I met and performed for and all the best to the happy couple.


Magic Entertainment

Olympics 2012!



Wow! Hi All

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Olympics, getting goosebumps just thinking about it and I’m so proud to be British right now. How very lucky to be alive at  a time when we’re hosting the greatest show on earth and to be living in this great country.

Me and my good mate Flanagan were in Sydney in 1999 for our year of travel and we were blown away about the vibe and what it meant to the country to host it.  On the last night we were in the crowd for the closing ceremony and as this amazing rocket sped across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to start the fireworks we were surrounded by Aussies who had tears in their eyes, gold everywhere and at the top of their voices they were screaming and shouting “Go Sydney, Go Australia.”. They were just so proud of where they came from and wanted to show the world how they felt about it and what the country could do.

So now it’s our turn and I’m going to live and breathe every minute of it. Even if you don’t like sport this is our country on show and so many people have worked so hard to make it truly amazing. From the athletes who’ve sweated blood for years to be at their peek to the organisers who’s vision has been realised, the volunteers and those who’ve laid every brick we should be screaming from the roof tops and cheer on every moment.

Good luck to our team, I shall be training harder than ever as I’m constantly inspired by those who’ve worked so hard to be where they are now and given up so much. Everyone in the team has already won but we will be cheering you on all the way.

Oh and for magic news, loads of weddings and private parties starting today, looking forward as ever.


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