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Hi one and all, hope everything is pretty damn good with you.

So here’s my thoughts, I don’t seem to have the time to blog every day in fact when I do I’m pretty much saying the same stuff over and over. So I’ve decided to blog only when I have a bunch of what I think are interesting things to tell you about. This will include magic chat, gigs I’ve done, things that are coming up but also a bit of everything about what’s been going on and some of the things that I recommend.

So here’s the first one off the bat (inside edge)

The start of the year has flown by, which if you don’t like cold weather is quite a good thing although I guess every day is a good day and all that! For me January and February is all about setting up the year ahead. Lots of promotion, wedding fayres, trade shows as well as the winter weddings and parties. As this time is a little quieter than the rest of the year it also gives me time to work on new routines for the coming year. Been playing with some cool ideas and will be looking forward to performing them this year.

On the wedding fayre front, great to meet all the couples with weddings on their minds, thank you to all those who’ve booked me this year and those in 2014 and 2015. This year’s diary is filling up fast so if you’re interested in wedding entertainment this year then do get in touch to check my availability.

In other magic news I’m working on a new video for my site, no sneaky clues yet but I’m loving the idea, you’ll be the first to hear about it when it’s going live, should be fun!

I’ve 25 gigs in 35 days coming up so I’m looking forward to entertaining at all the weddings but a special mention for Saturday evenings gig, I’m performing at Trunkwell Manor House for the Spring Ball for MacMillan Cancer Support, lot’s going on and for more information check out the site

I also try and get away for a week in the early part of the year and have found an amazing spot in Tenerife. It’s always around 25 degrees and sunny and has the most amazing sports facilities, so if you want amazing food as well as keeping fit it’s awesome. Here’s the link . The personal trainers are amazing and it’s all included. I’ve posted some pics for you in pic’s section, beware of Craig he’s insane but an amazing bloke who will beast you!

Other things I’ve been into and recommendations..

  1. Everything Tim Ferris does! I’ve been following this chap for a while and love his writing, always amazing bits of info on his blog . I’ve read all his books too and have followed a lot of the stuff and it always seems to work. I’m fitter than ever nowadays and also can cook a big better! Let me know if you check him out.
  2. Been loads of music I’ve enjoyed recently, the new I am Kloot album Let it all in is beautiful . Always loved Ed Harcourt and his new album is great Back into the woods . And finally a band I seem to have missed but First Aid Kit was my holiday listening, check out the album The Lion’s Roar, especially the song “In the hearts of men” Stunning.


The list…

New balance trainers, they’re really cool nowadays

Kettle bell

Grapeseed oil (better than olive oil in my opinion!)

Proteinworks (Good choice, good price, interesting options)

XTG Pants

Neale James Photography

AR7 training (killer workouts)!

Cauliflower curry mash (better than mashed potato and better for you.)



How quickly can you do 100 perfect press ups, let me know and share on my wall. Under 4 minutes is excellent.

Burpee challenge, how many can you do in 5 minutes, here’s what they look like Let me know I reckon if you hit 80 you’re a superhero! Post me with your scores.


Finally have a good time with everything, always interested in your feedback and please spread this blog around and also my Magic Entertainment Facebook page Visit my Magic Entertainment Facebook page I will post this blog on my site and on this page.


Cheers team.



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