What, a post? Incredible!

Hi all on this amazing planet.

Hope everyone is well, great me too!

Really sorry for the lack of updates, it’s not because I’ve nothing to say just not much time to say it.

Been doing lot’s and lot’s of late, here’s a quick run down.

1. Massives of gigs, a whole range which has been great fun, 21st, 50th,60th and 70th birthday parties, Hen nights, stag nights and a whole host of corporate work.

2. Promotion for weddings, 70 already booked for this year and 2013 filling up quickly as well (many thanks to all who’ve booked, I will really look forward to every one I attend)

3. Keeping fit (not interested? fine)

4. Big new project, some very exciting routines in the pipeline, taking me a long time to get right but I think it’s going to be worth the wait, these routines will fry I’m sure.

5. Slow work on the website, things have been delayed but work will hopefully commence in April/May.

6. The arrival of the new England rugby team, at last! Great spirit boys, making us proud, keep on getting fitter, stronger and more skilled and let people keep writing us off.

7. Summer nearly arriving (I include Spring in the Summer season, makes the Summer last longer, try it!)

8. Vegas in October.

Anyway look forward to bumping into everyone soon.


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